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Cambridge Checkpoint Science: Coursebook 7

Mary Jones, Diane Fellowes-Freeman and David Sang

Written by well-respected authors, the suite provides a comprehensive, structured resource which covers the full Cambridge Secondary 1 framework and seamlessly progresses into the next stage. This engaging course supports teaching of the Science framework both theoretically and practically, with full coverage of the Scientific Enquiry framework integrated throughout the series. Cambridge Checkpoint Science: Coursebook 7 for Stage 7 gives a thorough introduction to the concepts, and offers a wealth of ideas for hands-on activities to make the subject matter come to life.

Introduction; Biology: 1. Plants and humans as organisms; 2. Cells and organisms; 3. Living things in their environment; 4. Variation and classification; Chemistry: 5. States of matter; 6. Material properties; 7. Material changes; 8. The Earth; Physics: 9. Forces and motion; 10. Energy; 11. The Earth and beyond; Reference; Acknowledgements.

Mary Jones is a highly successful, internationally renowned author of Biology textbooks. She also has years of experience as an author and teacher trainer.

Diane Fellowes-Freeman is an experienced teacher and former Head of Science.

David Sang taught Science (mostly Physics) for 13 years, in a number of institutions. He gradually moved into writing through projects run by the Nuffield Foundation, the Association for Science Education and the Institute of Physics. In the last 20 years David has contributed to over 100 textbooks and guides for teachers, including Checkpoint Science, IGCSE Physics, O level Physics and International AS and A level Physics.

Read his post on our blog:

Just What is Physics?

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