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Cambridge IGCSE Biology (second edition)

Covers all aspects of the Cambridge IGCSE Biology syllabus.

Cambridge IGCSE Biology (second edition) matches the requirements of the revised Cambridge International Examinations Biology syllabus (0610). The series is written by an experienced IGCSE teacher, examiner and trainer, and is endorsed by CIE, ensuring that it is up to date and comprehensive in its coverage.

The coursebook content has been revised and rearranged, and new material is included on an accompanying CD-ROM in response to specific needs from practising teachers. A Workbook and Teacher's Resource CD-ROM are also available.

Completely -cambridge

  • Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.
  • Total coverage of the Cambridge syllabus, closely following the syllabus sequence.
  • Language accessible to students of a wide range of abilities.
  • Questions to test the student's understanding and revision.
  • Activities to help students develop practical and investigative skills.
  • Key ideas at the end of each chapter, summarising the chapter content.
  • The Workbook contains exercises structured to give students plenty of guidance in the early stages, progressing to more difficult and less structured tasks towards the end of the book.
  • The Teacher's Resource CD-ROM features chapter-by-chapter suggestions on how to break the material into lessons.

Mary Jones is a highly successful, internationally renowned author of Biology textbooks. She also has years of experience as an author and teacher trainer.

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Cambridge IGCSE Biology: Workbook
I am truly satisfied with the quality of the textbooks and the other resources I have been using. This is why I am confident that by choosing the new edition of the AS and A Level Biology I have made the right choice. There is a good balance between the vast syllabus content and the volume of the units in the textbooks and the IGCSE Biology Workbook proved to be indispensable. The visual support is also appropriate and useful. Cambridge resources are must-use in the preparation for the CIE exams.

Neli Kostova, Darbi College, Bulgaria

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Cambridge IGCSE Biology: Coursebook with CD-ROM

ISBN: 9780521147798


Cambridge IGCSE Biology: Workbook

ISBN: 9780521124430


Cambridge IGCSE Biology: Teacher's Resource CD-ROM

ISBN: 9780521176170

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