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Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma (full colour edition)

Richard van de Lagemaat

A new, full-colour edition of the best-selling Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma.

Written by a highly experienced Theory of Knowledge specialist, this comprehensive and accessible book is designed for use by students following the Theory of Knowledge course in the IB Diploma Programme. The book is also useful for students following other critical thinking courses.

The fundamental question in Theory of Knowledge is How do you know? In exploring this question, the author encourages critical thinking across a range of subject areas and helps students to ask relevant questions, use language with care and precision, support ideas with evidence, argue coherently and make sound judgements.

  • Preliminary quotations to prompt critical thinking.
  • Questions and exercises to encourage students to actively engage with the material.
  • Cartoons and other illustrations to support the text.
  • A summary of key points and list of terms to remember.
  • Linking-questions diagrams which make connections to other parts of the course.
  • Suggestions for further reading.
  • Reading resources to explore some of the topics covered in greater depth.

Register for free at to access a wealth of free teacher support materials for Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma. Once logged in, resources for the following chapters are available to download:

Richard van de Lagemaat is the founder and Director of InThinking (, an innovative educational consultancy service which provides quality training for teachers and administrators in IB World Schools. With more than 25 years' experience in international education, Richard has been actively involved in teacher training and curriculum development since 1988.

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Best resource for IB Theory of Knowledge
I've been teaching for 15 years, but this fall will be my first experience teaching in a school with IB curriculum. In addition to IB training, this textbook has been the best asset that I've had in preparing for teaching this class. customer review

Very helpful for a first year TOK teacher.
Lots of good information and ideas. Suggest you cross-reference with other books, and pull in videos from TED talks and other visuals as well. Good ideas for short activities. customer review

Interesting book.
Bought this as school book for a teenager but was so fascinated while leafing through it that I am considering reading it myself. customer review

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