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Cambridge Checkpoint Mathematics

This brightly illustrated course offers a comprehensive introduction to all topics covered in the syllabus.

Mathematics for the IB Diploma

Written to specifically cover the new IB Higher and Standard Level Mathematics syllabus through a progressive approach that encourages cumulative learning.

  • Bestseller

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics

A highly illustrated course written by an experienced author and an IGCSE Maths teacher to cover the complete Cambridge  IGCSE Mathematics (0580) syllabus.

Teaching Probability

Jenny Gage, David Spiegelhalter

Teaching Probability focuses on the approaches that can be taken in the classroom to develop skills and a conceptual understanding of probability.

Published/available: Sep 2016

Cambridge Primary Mathematics

For use with the Cambridge Primary Mathematics Curriculum Framework. Learners become confident and successful mathematicians through an investigatory approach.

Cambridge O Level Mathematics (second edition)

Audrey Simpson

This coursebook offers a range of tasks that support all aspects of the Cambridge O Level Mathematics syllabus (4024).

Published/available: Apr 2016

Cambridge O Level Statistics (second edition)

Dean James Chalmers

Cambridge O-Level Statistics consolidates the skills required of the Cambridge O Level (4040) syllabus.

Published/available: Feb 2016

Extended Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE

Audrey Simpson

The second of two books (Core and Extended), which together completely cover the syllabus for the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Extended Level.

Published/available: Jun 2011

Core Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE

Audrey Simpson

Completely covers the syllabus for Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Core Level.

Published/available: Mar 2011

Maths Trails

The Maths Trails teachers' guides and CD-ROMs introduce, develop and enhance mathematical problem-solving skills.

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Revision Guide

Martin Law

A comprehensive revision tool for Cambridge IGCSE Maths.

Published/available: Apr 2004

Cambridge Advanced Level Mathematics

Provides full coverage of both the AS and A Level Cambridge syllabuses.

Professional Development for Teachers: Teaching and Assessing Skills in Mathematics

Audrey Simpson

Professional Development for Teachers is a series of handbooks that offer accessible guidance for teachers around the world.

Published/available: Mar 2003

Graded Exercises in Advanced Level Mathematics

Covers all areas of A and AS Level mathematics, including optional topics.

A Mathematical Dictionary for Schools

Brian Bolt

Contains over 500 definitions of technical terms found within GCSE syllabuses.

Published/available: Mar 1998

More Mathematical Challenges

Tony Gardiner

Contains over 100 challenging problems for pupils aged 11–15.

Published/available: Jun 1997

Mathematical Challenge

Tony Gardiner

Contains almost 600 unusual and challenging multiple-choice problems designed for the top 35% of pupils aged 11–15.

Published/available: Aug 1996

101 Mathematical Projects

Brian Bolt

Suggests projects which cater for a wide range of concepts and skills.

Published/available: Jun 1989

Simple Statistics

Frances Clegg

Suitable primarily for A Level students and undergraduates.

Published/available: Jan 1983

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