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Learn and play with Mandarin Matrix. 6 levels. 1000 activities.

Mandarin Matrix is a suite of educational products that supports Chinese language teaching and learning in classroom environment. It is our newest and most exciting product. Mandarin Matrix’s main objectives is to offer diversified content to cover the four aspects of language learning; reading, writing, speaking and listening - the matrix covers these areas in varied and fun ways; from browsing our Chinese Readers as ebooks, to listening to audio, to recording one's own voice, to playing games and completing activities, the Mandarin Matrix offers a true edutainment experience.

Mandarin Matrix was developed by P3 in consultation with the English Schools Foundation (ESF) of Hong Kong and offers an interactive Online Classroom, 240 Chinese Readers, 48 Big Books, 6 Teacher’s Pack, 8 sets of Flashcards, 13 Max & Mei storybooks and 4 Pangu comic books. It is an integrated and tailored teaching solution created by educators to answer Mandarin education needs.

The Teacher’s Pack contains a variety of teaching aids and activities to enhance lessons and assist with planning. The pack provides teaching support with ready-made lesson plans that cover learning objectives, learning outcomes and assessment criteria in line with each individual Chinese Reader. The pack offers teachers different ideas for warm up activities, pre-reading exercises, comprehension questions and extension activities designed to ease the planning of every lesson. All Teachers’ Packs are available in English and Chinese. The Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom also eases teachers’ task of setting classwork and marking homework with its auto-marking system.

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  • 1,600 Chinese characters
  • 6 levels of difficulty
  • 5,000 e-activities and games
  • Recording features
  • Stroke order practice
  • Evaluation tools

See a product demonstration of the online classroom and homework solution for primary school students & teachers. To request further information or a free 30 day trial for your school please contact,


Set 1 - 240 Chinese Reader books consisting Sets 2-7
Set 2 - 40 Orange Chinese Readers
Set 3 - 40 Blue Chinese Readers
Set 4 - 40 Green Chinese Readers
Set 5 - 40 Purple Chinese Readers
Set 6 - 40 Brown Chinese Readers
Set 7 - 40 Red Chinese Readers
Set 8 - 8 Orange Big Books
Set 9 - 8 Blue Big Books
Set 10 - 8 Green Big Books
Set 11 - 8 Purple Big Books
Set 12 - 8 Brown Big Books
Set 13 - 8 Red Big Books
Set 14 - Bilingual Teacher Pack
Set 15 - Flashcards (400 characters)
Set 16 - 12 Max & Mei books
Set 17 -  4 Pangu book

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Mandarin Matrix is a great online learning tool for Mandarin study. It’s interactive, fun and challenging. My students enjoy listening to the stories, earning enough coins to play games… I highly appreciate it and recommend it as an overseas Mandarin teacher!

Hermione Zhang, Mandarin teacher, Bandung Alliance International School, Indonesia

Mandarin Matrix is a wonderful learning platform for children to read, practice and play with Chinese. It makes Chinese learning much easier and funnier! We love it!

Clara Li, Assistant Head of Chinese and Admin, Shanghai United International School, China

I particularly liked the high production values of these books – they look good and have been carefully thought out to provide progression from reading single words to whole books. Meanwhile, the high quality of the visual information not only assists children in decoding the text but gives an excellent springboard to talk about Chinese culture.

Helen Lewis, Chinese teacher, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Thank you millions for your effort in promoting Chinese study and in making Chinese learning fun and inspiring.

Jean Zhai, Head of Chinese, Kennedy School Hong Kong

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