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History for the IB Diploma: Democratic States

Jean Bottaro and John Stanley

History for the IB Diploma: Democratic States covers Paper 2, Topic 2, Democratic states – challenges and responses, in the 20th Century World History syllabus for the IB History programme.

This stimulating coursebook is divided into thematic sections, following the IB syllabus structure and is written in clear, accessible English. Covering the following areas for detailed study: Africa: South Africa 1991–2000; Americas: United States 1953–73; Asia and Oceania: India 1947– 64; Europe and Middle East: Weimar Germany 1919–33, the content in History for the IB Diploma: Democratic States is tailored to the requirements and assessment objectives of the syllabus and provides opportunities for students to make comparisons between different regions and time periods.

Part I. Nature and Structure of Democratic (Multiparty) States: 1. Constitutions (written and unwritten); 2. Electoral systems, proportional representation, coalition governments; 3. Role of political parties: role of an opposition; 4. Rose of pressure (interest/lobby) groups; Part II. Economic and Social Policies: 5. Employment; 6. Gender; 7. Health and education; 8. Social welfare; Part III. Political, Social and Economic Challenges: 9. Political extremism; 10. Ethnicity, religion and gender; 11. Movements for the attainments of civil rights; 12. Inequitable distribution of wealth/resources; Part IV. For Detailed Study: 13. Africa: South Africa 1991–2000 Mandela, Nigeria; 14. Americas: Argentina 1983–95, Alfonsin and Menem, Canada 1968–84, Trudeau, United States 1953–73, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon; 15. Asia and Oceania: India 1947–64, Nehru, Japan 1945–52, post-war reconstruction, Australia 1965–75; 16. Europe and Middle East: France 1958–69, de Gaulle, Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1967–90, Weimar Germany 1919–33.

The IB Diploma is split into six 'Groups' from which students must take six subjects - one from each of Groups 1-5 and then a further subject from either Group 6 or another from Groups 1-5. Cambridge University Press publish resources for Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Theory of Knowledge.

History for the IB Diploma: Democratic States forms part of Group 3 - Individuals and Societies.

Free teacher support materials for various IB titles can be found on our IB website - to register for free support materials, simply click 'register' in the top right-hand corner and create an account.

Jean Bottaro teaches South African, African and Modern World History in South Africa. She is an experienced examiner and moderator and the author of numerous history textbooks.

John Stanley teaches Modern History at the Queen Elizabeth School in Kirkby Lonsdale, in the UK, and has been a History examiner.

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The material was accessible but detailed enough to enable students to answer IB style questions. It is an excellent book which would be very useful for both students and teachers.

Neil Tetley

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