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Cambridge IGCSE Geography

Steve Sibley and Gary Cambers

Written to provide total coverage of the syllabus. It includes a free CD-ROM with a range of supporting materials.

Cambridge IGCSE Geography is written specifically for the Cambridge IGCSE by two highly respected authors who are both senior examiners with extensive experience of training Cambridge IGCSE teachers worldwide. This coursebook with CD-ROM supports teachers in the delivery of the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, offering expertise, building confidence and providing guidance in preparing for examinations. Cambridge IGCSE Geography is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations, ensuring that it is tailored to the requirements of the syllabus.

Completely -cambridge

  • Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.
  • Provides full coverage of the Cambridge IGCSE Geography syllabus.
  • Clear, practical support for students.
  • 50 up-to-date case studies from a wide variety of countries, including many with CIE centres.
  • Fieldwork ideas for theoretical and practical use.
  • A diverse range of stimulus material, including over 400 illustrations.
  • The accompanying CD-ROM contains over 40 support sheets for use with topics in the Coursebook, and over 30 sample exam-style questions for Paper 1 with full marking schemes.

Introduction; Part I. Geographical Themes - Preparing for Paper 1: Theme 1. Population and settlement; Theme 2. The natural environment; Theme 3. Economic development and the use of resources; Part II. Geographical Skills - Preparing for Paper 2: Part III. The Alternative to Coursework – Preparing for Paper 4: Resources; World map; Glossary; Index; Acknowledgements.

Teaching Cambridge IGCSE Geography? Find out how you can use our existing Cambridge IGCSE Geography resources suite in-line with the new syllabus changes.

Cambridge International Examinations is making changes to the IGCSE Geography syllabus (0460/12) for the first examination in 2016.

The key syllabus changes are:

  • Syllabus aims and assessment objectives have been revised.
  • The assessment structure of Paper 1 has been revised. There will be two questions set on each of the three themes as at present but from 2016 candidates must choose only one question from each theme; the current free choice of three from six questions will not be allowed.
  • Paper 2 will now use 1:25 000 and 1: 50 000 scale maps from anywhere in the world; it will not be limited to maps from Zimbabwe, the Caribbean and Mauritius as at present.

What do these changes mean for the Cambridge IGCSE Geography resource suite from Cambridge?

Essentially very little. Although the syllabus has been completely rewritten to a new format, this was mainly an exercise in amalgamating the previous syllabus’s brief content with the more detailed additional guidance. Much of the content remains as in the previous syllabus so, with some judicious lesson planning and modified schemes of work, the current 1st edition of the book can easily be used through the first year of teaching, particularly for Theme 1 where there are least changes.
There are only a few new topics which you will need to be aware of when planning your two-year course. The syllabus now provides a list of required case study topics, which must be covered within the context of the key ideas listed in each topic. While this does meet requests from teachers, the way in which case studies are taught may need some careful consideration as they will need to incorporate the ideas expressed in that part of the theme.

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Good For Home Education
As home educators, we need very clear textbooks to help us - and more importantly our son - to understand what we need to cover for the IGCSEs. This book appears to be very clear. All activity / task based - which is fantastic. We have immediately been able to come to grips with working through it systematically and that cannot be said for all textbooks. Graphics are very good. customer review

Good Value. Well Written With Good Graphics
The IGCSE in Geography is becoming more popular but this is also a good general text for any GCSE geography course as there are many common themes e.g. Hazards, Urbanisation, Chemical Weathering etc customer review

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