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Cambridge IGCSE First Language English (third edition)

Written specifically for the Cambridge syllabus, this updated series provides clear and practical support for students and teachers.

Cambridge IGCSE First Language English (third edition) brings a fresh, modern look and up-to-date content matching the specifications of the Cambridge First Language English course. The series is written by a senior examiner and is endorsed by University of Cambridge International Examinations, ensuring that it is tailored to exam board requirements.

Written by highly experienced and well-known author, these new, updated and expanded editions of the successful Cambridge IGCSE First Language English Coursebook and Workbook are supported by a new Teacher's Resource Book with CD-ROM and the series provides clear and practical support for students, and supports the teacher in the delivery of the curriculum and syllabus, offering expertise, confidence building and professional development.

Cambridge International Examinations is making changes to the First Language English syllabus for first examination from 2015. For your information, key syllabus changes are listed below.

Note: All titles in this suite are stand-alone products, not linked to one another.

Completely -cambridge

  • Coursebook containing clear, practical support for students.
  • A diverse range of topical stimulus material to enlive the subject.
  • Tasks to test students' understanding and for further exam practice at the end of each unit.
  • Guidance for the exam to build experience.
  • Workbook containing supplementary material to support the coursebook, including twelve independent units providing exam practice in Language and Style, Comprehension and Summary, Directed Writing, Composition and Coursework.
  • A removable answer section in the Workbook offering exemplar as well as set answers.
  • Teacher's Resource Book with CD-ROM that supports teachers by providing lesson plans, worksheets, answers, handouts, new texts and images all combined within one photocopiable resource.
  • Worksheets and answers in editable Word format are included on the accompanying CD-ROM, as well as supporting materials for teacher use.

Cambridge International Examinations is making changes to the First Language Language syllabus for first examination from 2015.

The key syllabus changes are:

  • Syllabus aims and assessment objectives have been revised.
  • The assessment structure of Reading (Paper 1 and Paper 2) has been revised:
    • Paper 1 now includes a second reading passage
    • In Paper 2 candidates comment on a specified number of choices of words and phrases
    • Paper 1 includes a new summary task
    • The number of marks available has been revised
  • Writing Paper 3 Section 1 response will be in the form of a letter or an article.

  • Writing Paper 3 Section 2 will no longer have an argumentative/discursive composition option.

  • Word counts rather than page lengths are given as a guide for answers


What do these changes mean for the Cambridge IGCSE First Language English resource suite from Cambridge?

Essentially very little. This resource suite won’t need to be used differently. The skills assessed remain the same and are already fully covered.

Furthermore, the suite has never been specifically exam directed, but rather focuses on delivering a full 2-year upper secondary English curriculum and developing progressive and transferable skills. This will not change, which means you can confidently continue to use this suite to deliver the course.

The only feature you will need to be aware of when preparing your students for their final examinations is the Exam Tip Boxes in the coursebook. This feature will no longer always fit the new rubrics for 2015 where they refer to the task requirements in terms of genres, word limits or stages of the response. The guidelines below will help you to understand if and where the syllabus changes affect these. As you will see, the impact is minimal.


2014 SYLLABUS CHANGE         


Changes to extended reading paper 2 summary task (Q.3)


From 2015 this will be based on one passage and not two. The current Exam Tip box will not reflect this but the skills and techniques for preparation covered in the resources are still the same, as the two passages are already treated separately for summary in the current exam format.

No change to how you use the resources is required, simply note this and make sure your learners are aware.


Change to extended reading paper 2






The change to question 1 is that dialogues are no longer a possible response genre specified in the task.

The change to question 2 is that only four choices of quotation are required from each designated paragraph in the response.

The Exam Tip box will not reflect this so you will need to make sure both you and your learners are aware. Currently they are expected to find more than this, so this is not a change to practice.


Change to writing paper 3





This paper will no longer have the argumentative essay option. Note, however, that argumentative writing as a skill is still required for coursework (paper 4) and for the directed writing task in paper 3; Candidates sitting paper 3 will therefore need to write either a narrative or a descriptive composition.

The current edition has complete chapters which target argumentative and discursive writing. These will remain relevant to the general development of argumentative and discursive skills needed for paper 4 assignment 1 and/or 3, and will support learners in their preparation for the paper 3 directed writing task.



What about the new edition?

The revised version of this suite, which clearly maps these changes along with many new additional features aimed at enhancing the teaching and learning of this course, will be released in 2014. More details will follow shortly.

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What is the difference between the 0500 and 0522 syllabuses?

The 0500 and 0522 syllabuses are two separate, but very similar qualifications.The 0522 syllabus was designed for UK state schools to match the English National Curriculum. The 0500 syllabus can be taken UK independent schools as well as international schools. Our IGCSE materials by Marian Cox are suitable for teaching both 0500 and 0522, but were originally designed for 0500 (as 0522 didn't exist until recently).

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Cambridge IGCSE First Language English: Coursebook (third edition)
There is a wealth of working material in the book. Along with the design / presentation of the texts, which is first-class, there is a general sharpness in the book that was not present before.

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