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Cambridge Checkpoint English: Teacher's Resource 7

Marian Cox

The Cambridge Checkpoint English suite provides a comprehensive, structured resources which covers the Secondary 1 framework for English and seamlessly progresses into the next key stage (covered by our Cambridge IGCSE First Language English series).

The Teacher's Resource CD-ROM for Stage 7 includes essential teaching guidance, including lesson plans and unit overviews, as well as answers to the Coursebook and Workbook questions to help with assessment. A selection of worksheets and handouts offers ideas for further activities and differentiation, and PowerPoint presentations and PDFs of selected texts from the Coursebook are also included for classroom projection.

Marian Cox has been a teacher of First and Second Language English and English Literature 11 - 18 and Head of English in schools of different types in the UK and overseas: Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and Azerbaijan. She has been an author for 30 years. Publications include Cambridge IGCSE First Language English suite; Checkpoint English suite; author and series editor of A level literature teacher resource files and study guides for more than thirty titles for another publisher.

Read her posts on our blog:A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish; 'A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish' Part 2; Things to do with Lord of the Flies; Mini-Sagas; Variety; Jabberwocky; Differentiation.

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