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Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English

Provides full support for students and teachers of the Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English syllabus.

Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English is a lively introduction to the study of literature in English at IGCSE level, encouraging both the enjoyment of literature and rigorous academic study. The coursebook is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations and provides comprehensive coverage of the Cambridge 0486 and 0476 syllabuses and supports related courses. In keeping with the spirit of the Cambridge IGCSE syllabuses courses, Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English stresses the importance of giving an informed personal response based on close textual study. A Teacher's Resource CD-ROM providing all the guidance and support needed to teach the Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English syllabuses (0486 and 0476) is available.

Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English contains a range of stimulating literary material from around the world, including extracts from plays and prose fiction, as well as complete poems.

Completely -cambridge

  • Written by an experienced teacher and examiner.
  • Coursebook featuring structured activities that build students' key skills in responding to literature.
  • Teacher's Resource CD-ROM providing support material for teaching literature following the Cambridge syllabuses.
  • Guidance on developing effective writing skills to express ideas clearly.
  • Materials for exam preparation, covering each type of assessment.
  • Sample student work, giving a range of possible answers to read and review.
  • Tips on study skills, do's and don'ts, and important things to note.

Russell Carey has a wealth of experience both teaching and examining for English Literature and Language. He has been a Head of English for 16 years. Russell is a highly experienced teacher-trainer who delivers training courses on the syllabuses in the UK and internationally.

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Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English: Coursebook
The book is an excellent vehicle for taking students in effectively planned stages through the requirements of the syllabus and is particularly strong on training them to write successful responses to literary texts. The material is lively, engaging and informative.

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Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English: Coursebook

ISBN: 9780521136105


Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English: Teacher's Resource CD-ROM

ISBN: 9781107637054


Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English: Workbook

ISBN: 9781107532809

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