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English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma

Brad Philpot

For students studying the new Language A Language and Literature syllabus for the IB Diploma.

The English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma coursebook is a comprehensive and accessible guide for Standard and Higher Level students of the new Language A Language and Literature syllabus for the IB Diploma (from 2011).

Written by an experienced, practising IB English teacher, English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma covers key concepts in language and literature studies in a lively and engaging way suited to IB students aged 16-19 years. This well structured coursebook includes: key concepts in studying language and literature; text extracts from World literature (in English and in translation); international media and language sources; a wide variety of activities to build skills; materials for exam preparation; guidance on assessment; Theory of Knowledge links; and Extended essay opportunities.

  • Structured activities to build study skills in both language and literature.
  • Annotated and deconstructed texts, highlighting media and author techniques.
  • Information and guidance on assessment, explaining the syllabus in practice.
  • Materials for exam preparation, covering each assessment type.
  • Sample student work, providing examples for reference and criticism.
  • Definitions of key terms in the margin for easy reference, as well as a fully glossary.
  • Discussion points to explore ideas further in groups or as a class.
  • Tips on study skills, exam techniques and important things to note.
  • Further resources boxes with weblinks and ideas for further reading and research.
  • Higher Level Extension boxes giving ideas for HL activities.
  • Theory of Knowledge boxes with question ideas to stimulate thought.
  • Extended Essay ideas to explore for Language and Literature.

Introduction; Part I. Language in Cultural Context: 1. The English language; 2. Text and context; Part II. Language and Mass Communication: 3. The media; 4. The language of persuasion; Part III. Literature, Text and Context: 5. The context of interpretation; 6. The context of composition; Part IV. Literature, a Critical Study: 7. The mechanics of fiction; 8. What makes English poetic; Glossary; Acknowledgements; Index.

The IB Diploma is split into six 'Groups' from which students must take six subjects - one from each of Groups 1-5 and then a further subject from either Group 6 or another from Groups 1-5. Cambridge University Press publish resources for Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Theory of Knowledge.

English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma forms part of Group 1 - Studies in Language and Literature.

Brad Philpot has taught English in an international setting since 2000 (in the US, Turkey and the Netherlands). Since 2005, he has taught IB Diploma English and Theory of Knowledge in Amsterdam. Brad works as a consultant for bilingual schools in the Netherlands, and has offered workshops for students and teachers since 2008. He is a workshop leader for the English Language and Literature Diploma Programme.

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Proving Invaluable
This book is so well structured and follows the IB syllabus. The texts used are most appropriate, varied and student-friendly. Example assignments/papers are resources that students find invaluable, including those who (for various reasons) have missed classroom time. This book allows them to work at their own pace and depth to successfully cover the course. customer review

A good literature and language coursebook
I appreciate using this book to design the Literature and Language course. There are many links, resources, and activities for students to explore in order to get a grasp of the new curriculum in preparation for their exams. customer review

Great Book
Great book, much better than the previous one for the IB diploma. Follows the syllabus as the previous one but has less "useless" information. Helps you with your written task and further oral assessment (both compulsory to get the IB diploma). customer review

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