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Python: Next Steps (Level 2)

Chris Roffey

Take your Python coding to the next level! This level 2 book continues on from Python: Basics where readers were introduced to the world of coding and to Python 3. Level 2 books are aimed at students who have some basic programming experience and are ready to move on to slightly more challenging material.

You will learn how to program and customise a simple calculator, and most importantly, learn essential new programming ideas that will make you a much more accomplished coder.

The code is suitable for Mac, Windows, Linux users and therefore compatible with the Raspberry Pi.

  • Designed and written for children with an appealing design and fun approach and simple explanation throughout.
  • Written by a teacher and has an educational focus with objectives, summaries and challenges as well as hints and tips to engage the students.
  • Gives children the chance to experiment and create their own versions of familiar games.
  • Short and manageable with short chapters.
  • Can be used on windows, macs or linux based systems. 
  • Can be used in a classroom where there is no expert teacher, or at home with a parent.
  • Can be used with the Raspberry Pi computer.

Chapter 1: Data types (The first chapter will review the concepts learned in Book 1) Chapter 2: GUIs Chapter 3: Building a simple calculator Chapter 4: A fully working calculator Chapter 5: Customising the calculator Chapter 6: Algorithms

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