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Cambridge Latin Course (North American Fourth Edition)

The leading introductory Latin course. Experience why Cambridge is the leading three-year Latin program provider! 

Research-based instructional design combined with an appealing and compelling story line makes this four-book series the most effective program in schools and colleges in the United States and Canada.

  • Clear presentation of grammar, vocabulary, word families, and derivatives.
  • Vivid readings weave culture and history into the fabric of Latin stories.
  • Characters and stories engage and motivate students.
  • Extensive ancillary materials support effective teaching and learning.

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Program Description

The Student Book is designed to be used by students enrolled in a Latin course as the primary textbook for in-class instruction and homework.

 The normal pattern of use for the Cambridge Latin Course is:

  • Unit 1 and Unit 2 used for Latin I
    • Unit 1 Student Book for Latin 1A of a split first-year course
    • Unit 2 Student Book for Latin 1B of a split first-year course
  • Unit 3 Student Book for Latin II
  • Unit 4 Student Book for Latin III

Each Unit incorporates a high-interest on-going story line. However, the content of each Student Book stands alone and does not require that students progress to the next level of instruction in order to master language structures or read with comprehension and enjoyment.

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Scope and Sequence

The accompanying Scope and Sequence summarizes not only the grammatical development of the Cambridge Latin Course, but also the narrative and cultural contexts. By integrating culture with language, the Course teaches reading, comprehension, and critical-thinking skills.

Teachers can use the Scope and Sequence for course planning or curriculum mapping. In one convenient location, you will find: a quick synopsis of the story line, the socio-historical background, and the linguistic presentation. Each grammatical point is listed under its first appearance.

Scope and Sequence (560KB)


Cambridge University Press has prepared the following resources to aid in your class preparation. Correlations Note: If your state has adopted the Cambridge Latin Course, check for your state's corresponding correlation.

Course Program Description (44KB) Literary References Chart (130KB) Research Background for the CLC (40KB)

Changes in the CLC Fourth Edition: Overview (9KB) Details (108KB)

Cambridge Latin Course Correlations

See how the Cambridge Latin Course addresses curriculum content benchmarks. Specific page citations provide you references for lesson planning and curriculum development.

Click on 'National Standards' below to download the Cambridge Latin Course correlation to the National Standards for Classical Language Learning.

National Standards

Florida Department of Education

Click on the links below to download the course descriptions and correlations for the Florida Department of Education.

Course Descriptions

Reading Assessed Sunshine
State Standards Benchmarks

0706000 Beginning

0706000 Middle School Beginning

0706010 Intermediate

0706010 Middle School Intermediate

0706020 Advanced

0706020 Middle School Advanced

0706300 Latin I

0706300 High School Latin I

0706310 Latin II

0706310 High School Latin II

0706320 Latin III

0706320 High School Latin III

Click on any state below to download the Cambridge Latin Course Correlation to your own state's standards and benchmarks.

Alabama California Georgia Idaho Indiana Louisiana Mississippi New Mexico

North Carolina Oklahoma Tennessee Texas Virginia West Virginia

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CSCP Online Activities

Please note that stages in the U.K. course are divided differently than in the North American edition as follows: U.K. Books III and IV = North American Unit III.

Art _online

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North American Cambridge Classics Project:

The purpose of the NACCP is twofold:

1 - To provide teachers and school districts that currently use the textbook series with information, resource materials, teacher training, colleague contacts, ideas, solutions, and updates of new material.

2 - To provide school districts and state adoption committees interested in the series with current information regarding the textbook and its support materials, local contact people, and in-service possibilities.

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The Cambridge Latin Course E-Learning Resources and downloadable web activities offer an exciting range of multimedia activities designed to support teaching and learning with the popular Cambridge Latin Course.

The E-Learning Resource DVD-ROMs include:

  • Documentaries enhancing the textbook's material on the cultural themes of each Stage
  • Video introductions to the stories and Stages, presented by characters from the Course
  • Video dramatizations of stories, with and without subtitles
  • Audio readings of the model sentences and every story, segmented to allow students to listen to all or part of a story and practice their pronunciation
  • Explanations of the language, presented by an on-screen teacher using examples from the Course
  • Hundreds of interactive activities to aid, consolidate, and assess understanding
  • Over 200 pages of printable material, such as Activity Sheets and notes for students and non-specialist teachers

The E-Learning Resource is designed for use in schools alongside the Cambridge Latin Course.

Unit 1


Unit 2


Learn more about our E-Learning Resources:

                         E-Learning Resource Demo 1-13          E-Learning Resource Demo 14

Discover the E-Learning Resource Unit 1 with this visual and audio walk-through.

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My colleagues and I adopted Cambridge for many reasons, the first of which was the great promise Cambridge showed in providing resources for our teachers. Having now worked with Cambridge for almost two years, we have not been disappointed. Cambridge has been an incredible partner in helping our teachers teach our children. I cannot imagine working with a publisher more willing to help.

Patrick Yaggy, Latin Teacher, Gwinnett County, GA

It is thrilling to be able to teach Latin as literature from the very early stages.

Joe Davenport, Norwell Middle School, MA

[Students] love the stories – it's one big Roman soap opera!

Marla Dean, Warren High, TX

In my opinion the CLC is the best Latin program in existence.

Jim Pezzulo, Greater Hartford Classical School, CT

Did you ever have a kid so excited about the first declension that he went on to learn the second by himself?

Barbara Merry, Millburn High School, NJ

Upon completing Unit 4, students are well prepared for the AP course. The pleasure of teaching and learning Latin from this series is unmatched by any other text on the market.

Donald W. Wade, PhD, Latin Teacher, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy

Excellent Text
I used both the first and the second books of the Cambridge Latin Series for my Latin study this summer, and they were amazing! Everything was clearly explained, and the beautiful color photos certainly helped visualize the ancient cities! This book (Unit 2 Student's Book) is really an excellent text to use when learning latin. customer review

Titles in this series

Student's Book

Your students are reading from the very first page! They learn Latin grammar and vocabulary inductively as a series of clear illustrations and model sentences invite them to experience the lives of interesting people in the ancient world through their new language.

Download PDF Sample Pages:

Unit 1 (2.0MB)

Unit 2 (2.5MB)

Unit 3 (4.2MB)

Students Book Landing Page

Omnibus Workbook

More than just an exercise book, the fully illustrated Omnibus Workbook complements and extends the Student's Book. It provides your students with a banquet of imaginative and motivating activities to enjoy and practice their Latin skills and cultural knowledge. Students read myths and legends, use their derivative skills to explore English and modern Romance languages, try their hand at Greek, and learn about and work with fascinating details of the arts, sciences, and artifacts of the Roman world. Audite / Dicite sections provide students practice in aural and oral skills. The Omnibus Workbook invites your students to experience both the scholarship and the fun of studying Latin and Greco-Roman culture!

Download PDF sample pages:
Workbook Units 1 - 3 (130KB)

Art _Omnibus_Workbook

Teacher's Manual

From the objectives and principles of the Cambridge Latin Course, to strategies for teaching and assessment, and in-depth Stage commentaries, this easy-to-use, spiral-bound Teacher's Manual gives you the tools you need to provide quality, integrated instruction in your Latin classroom.

The manual includes:

  • An introduction to the approach of the Cambridge Latin Course and specific suggestions on planning for assessing instruction.
  • The Unit Scope and Sequence.
  • A brief summary of the Stage storyline and main language features.
  • Thorough background information on cultural references, illustrations, and photographs.
  • Specific suggestions on teaching the language and culture of the pertinent Stage.
  • Translations of readings and exercises.
  • Additional testng materials.
  • Answer keys for the Student's Book, Omnibus Workbook, and Diagnostic Tests
  • A Bibliography

Please note: Teacher's Manuals are not available in bookstores. Only teachers are eligible to purchase them. When ordering, please indicate school name and address. If you are a home-school teacher, please send proof of certification.

Download PDF sample pages:
Teacher's Manual Units 1 and 2 (657KB)


Fabulae Ancillantes

This collection of ancillary Latin narrative passages supplements the Cambridge Latin Course, and can be used to provide extra practice in translation and/or comprehension, or to provide material for evaluation purposes on tests and examinations. Over the last 20 years, these stories have served both purposes in the classes for which they have been composed.

The Cambridge Latin Course is successful in preparing students to read and understand Latin, mainly because its stories are so interesting that students want to be able to read them. That success, however, poses a challenge to the teacher/evaluator. To measure a student's success in achieving the course's primary aim, the student has to be asked to translate or answer comprehension questions "at sight" on a connected passage of Latin. The Fabulae Ancillantes answer this need, providing passages that are in line with the Cambridge Latin Course, yet are new to the student.

Download PDF sample pages:
Units 1 and 2 (152KB)




Activity Masters

The Activity Masters offer a wealth of photocopiable worksheets for each unit of the Cambridge Latin Course. The worksheets provide additional practice and testing opportunities for all elements of the core material, including reading, translation, comprehension, cultural background, language, and vocabulary.

All of the worksheets in the Activity Masters have been prepared and classroom-tested by practicing teachers of the Cambridge Latin Course.

Download PDF Sample Page:

Unit 1 (641.86 KB)



Audio Program

Bring Roman voices and the sounds of the classical world alive for your students! These clear and engaging recordings of a selection of model sentences, dialogues, and stories effectively develop listening comprehension and reinforce your students' reading skills.

Download Mp3 Audio Sample:

Unit 1 (2.29 MB)

Unit 2 (2.99 MB)





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Unit 1 Student's Book

ISBN: 9780521004343


Unit 2 Student's Book

ISBN: 9780521004305


Unit 3 Student's Book

ISBN: 9780521894708


Unit 4 Student's Book

ISBN: 9780521534147


Unit 1 Student's Book Hardback

ISBN: 9780521782289


Unit 2 Student's Book Hardback

ISBN: 9780521782296


Unit 3 Student's Book Hardback

ISBN: 9780521782302


Unit 4 Student's Book Hardback

ISBN: 9780521782319


Unit 1 Omnibus Workbook

ISBN: 9780521787475


Unit 2 Omnibus Workbook

ISBN: 9780521787413


Unit 3 Omnibus Workbook

ISBN: 9780521787437


Unit 4 Omnibus Workbook

ISBN: 9780521787451


Unit 1 Teacher's Manual

ISBN: 9780-521787406


Unit 2 Teacher's Manual

ISBN: 9780521787420


Unit 3 Teacher's Manual

ISBN: 9780521787444


Unit 4 Teacher's Manual

ISBN: 9780521787468


Unit 1 Stage Tests

ISBN: 9780521005050


Unit 2 Stage Tests

ISBN: 9780521005104


Unit 3 Stage Tests

ISBN: 9780521525497


Unit 4 Stage Tests

ISBN: 9780521525503


E-Learning Resource Unit 1

ISBN: 9780511451737


E-Learning Resource Unit 2

ISBN: 9780511451744


E-Learning Resource Unit 1 & 2

ISBN: 9780511587641


Unit 1 & 2 Fabulae Ancillantes

ISBN: 9780521705134


Unit 3 & 4 Fabulae Ancillantes

ISBN: 9780521705158


Unit 1 Activity Masters

ISBN: 9780521707480


Unit 2 Activity Masters

ISBN: 9780521707497


Unit 3 Activity Masters

ISBN: 9780521707503


Unit 4 Activity Masters

ISBN: 9780521707510


Unit 1 Audio Program

ISBN: 9780521005029


Unit 2 Audio Program

ISBN: 9780521005074


Unit 3 Audio Program

ISBN: 9780521525510


Unit 4 Audio Program

ISBN: 9780521525527


Cambridge Latin Anthology

ISBN: 9780521578776


Cambridge Latin Anthology: Teacher's Handbook

ISBN: 9780521578547


Cambridge Latin Grammar

ISBN: 9780521385886

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