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Greece and Rome: Texts and Contexts

An exciting series that provides students with direct access to the ancient world by offering new translations of extracts from its key texts.

Greece and Rome: Texts and Contexts provides students with direct access to the ancient world by offering new translations of extracts from the key texts of its literature, history and civilisation, and by setting them in their historical, social and cultural contexts.

The series is suitable for both advanced secondary school and undergraduate study, giving translations that are accurate and accessible, accompanied by notes that will enable all students to engage with the primary resources.

  • Clear, user-friendly layout is accessible for a range of students, both Classicists and those studying more general topics in Classical and ancient history and civilisation.
  • New translations of key passages of Latin and Greek written in approachable, readable English that can be easily accessed by all students.
  • Translation and commentaries by key scholars in the Classical field provide readable, informative texts with broad appeal.
  • Notes and questions alongside the texts provide helpful support and prompt students to develop their own informed responses.
  • Attractively illustrated to engage students and help them draw parallels between the literary and materials sources.
  • Student-friendly texts giving valuable support for the AS and A2 exam specifications.


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Roman Theatre

ISBN: 9780521138185


Homer's Odyssey

ISBN: 9780521137737


Tacitus and the Principate: From Augustus to Domitian

ISBN: 9780521747615


Greek Athletics and the Olympics

ISBN: 9780521138208


Alexander the Great

ISBN: 9780521707091


Herodotus and the Persian Wars

ISBN: 9780521689434


Lucretius: Poet and Epicurean

ISBN: 9780521721561


Greek Theatre in Context

ISBN: 9780521689427


Socrates and Athens

ISBN: 9780521757485


Horace: A Poet for a New Age

ISBN: 9780521757461


Virgil: A Poet in Augustan Rome

ISBN: 9780521689441


Cicero and the Roman Republic

ISBN: 9780521691161

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