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Cambridge Translations from Greek Drama

Treating ancient plays as living drama.

Translated from the original Greek, Cambridge Translations from Greek Drama series aims to bring students of Classical Civilisation and Drama courses as close as possible to the playwrights' original words and intentions. The editors combine wide experience of Classics teaching at A Level with work in the theatre, ensuring that the translations are both accurate and suitable for performance.

These translations are faithful to the original Greek plays in content and tone, but have the immediacy of modern English. Cambridge Translations from Greek Drama will enable both Classics students and Drama students, and indeed anyone with an interest in the theatre, to approach Classical plays with confidence and understanding. Students are encouraged to discover the plays for themselves by exploring their dramatic qualities through practical exercises and by experimenting with the expressive use of voice, movement, mime and musical accompaniment. These editions also contain helpful editorial material, including references to Greek religion, mythology, politics and morals.

Each translation is aimed primarily at A Level and undergraduate students in the UK, and college students in North America.

  • Designed for both study and performance, the translations remain faithful to the original Greek, yet have the immediacy of contemporary English.
  • Detailed commentary alongside the translation makes it easy for students to reference and follow, without interrupting their reading of the play.
  • A full synopsis of the play and background information to the story supports students studying a range of plays.
  • A comprehensive introduction to Greek theatre and a guide to the pronunciation of names supports readers and students with no previous knowledge of Greek drama.
  • Activities and suggestions for discussion and analysis allow easy access to the play and enhance reading.
  • Useful notes and questions encourage discussion on the themes and dramatic qualities of the text, and the more practical issues of staging and performance.


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