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Greece and Rome: Texts and Contexts

An exciting series that provides students with direct access to the ancient world by offering new translations of extracts from its key texts.

  • Bestseller

Cambridge Latin Course (North American Fourth Edition)

The leading introductory Latin course. Experience why Cambridge is the leading three-year Latin program provider! 

Cambridge Latin Course (North American Fifth Edition)

The world's bestselling introductory Latin course.

Cambridge Translations from Greek Drama

Treating ancient plays as living drama.

Minimus: Starting out in Latin (iBooks Textbook)

Available on iPad

Join in the fun with Minimus!

Published/available: Dec 2013

Our Greek and Latin Roots (second edition)

James Morwood and Mark Warman

Charts the historical spread of the classical languages throughout the English-speaking world and uncovers the central part they play in giving English its current shape.

Published/available: Dec 2007

Minimus Secundus: Moving on in Latin

Developing Latin skills for ages 10–13.

Minimus: Starting out in Latin

A lively introduction to Latin for children aged 7 and over.

The Teaching of Classics

James Morwood

A comprehensive overview of the teaching of classics.

Published/available: Oct 2003

Translations from Greek and Roman Authors

Accessible translations for GCSE students.

Learning Latin Through Mythology

Hanlin and Lichtenstein

Uses mythology to capture the interest and imagination of primary or prepatory school pupils so that they will want to know more about Latin and the classical world.

Published/available: Sep 1991

Vesuvius and Other Latin Plays

Dick Burnell

This is a collection of eleven plays, written and devised by second and third year pupils using the Cambridge Latin Course.

Published/available: Jul 1991

Amor et Amicitia

Patricia Bell

Enables students to see aspects of the Roman world through the eyes of its own authors.

Published/available: Jun 1989

Women in Ancient Greece and Rome

Michael Massey

This thorough and provocative account is an ideal resource book for students following courses in classical studies and classical civilisation.

Published/available: Sep 1988

Cambridge Latin Texts

The selections from Pliny, Virgil and Roman and Greek myth allow students to work with short extracts to practice their skills in unprepared translation.

The Parthenon

Susan Woodford

An introduction to the History of the Parthenon.

Published/available: Jun 1981

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