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Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies: Revision Guide

Medi Houghton

A comprehensive revision tool for Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies.

Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies: Revision Guide has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies syllabus. The book has been written to help students to make revision as active and effective as possible. It covers everything students need to know to do well in examinations. Along with general advice on how to prepare for examinations, each chapter has the same easy-to-follow structure.

Organisation and Control: v. Ownership and internal organisation; 11. Types of business organisation 1: sole traders and partnerships; 12. Types of business organisation 2: limited companies; 13. Types of business organisation 3: other types of business; 14. Objectives, growth and business organisation; 15. The growth of multinational companies; 16. Internal organisation; 17. Internal and external communication retitled; 18. Communication 2: effective communication; vi. Financing business activity; 19. The need for finance; 20. Financing business activity; Section 3. Business Activity to Achieve Objectives: vii. Marketing; 21. Customers, markets and marketing; 22. Market research; 23. Presentation and use of results; 24. The marketing mix; 25. Product; 26. Price; 27. Place; 28. Promotion; 29. Marketing strategy and budget; viii. Production (operations management); 30. How are goods produced?; 31. Costs; 32. Location; 33. Improving efficiency; ix. Financial information and decision making; 34. Cash and cash-flow forecasts; 35. Financial accounts; 36. Interpreting financial accounts; Section 4. People in Business: x. Human needs and rewards; 37. Why people work; 38. Management styles and motivation; xi. Manpower; 39. Recruiting employees, training and terminating employment; Section 5. Regulating and Controlling Business Activity: xii. Reasons for regulations; 40. The impact of business decision; xiii. Influences on business activity; 41. Influences on business activity; Answers to Questions; Index.

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