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Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies (third edition)

This revised set of resources for Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies is thoroughly updated for the revised syllabus.

Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies is written by experienced teachers and examiners, and provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and assessment objectives. The series is fully endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations. The components work together to cover all required content and skills.

The Coursebook has a visually attractive and engaging design, and is accessible to students with a wide range of abilities including those who do not have English as their first language. Features range from self-assessment questions, to reinforce learning, as well as international case studies, to develop analytical and research skills. A Teacher's Resource CD-ROM will give teachers extensive support as well as further resources to use in class.

Completely -cambridge

  • Visually attractive and easy-to-follow design.
  • Written by experienced Business Studies teachers who also have considerable authoring and examining experience.
  • Student material reinforces understanding and skills with the help of case studies, activities and self-assessment questions. Included is a wealth of additional material on the free CD accompanying the coursebook.
  • Teacher material saves the busy teacher a lot of time by providing answers to all questions in the book, addtional worksheets, teaching ideas for each chapter and further exam help.

Mark Fisher has over 25 years experience teaching Business Studies. He has been a senior examiner for a major examination board and is currently the reviser for Advanced Level Business Studies as well as an examiner for both IGCSE and A Level. He has extensive experience of specification and assessment development and is the author of teacher support material. Mark is also a teacher trainer for a major exam board and has delivered both IGCSE and A Level training workshops to teachers in several countries across the world.

Veenu Jain is an examiner and a team leader with two internationally known exam boards. She is a practicing teacher of Business Studies and has also been involved with reviewing and co-authoring books on Business Studies for IGCSE. Veenu brings tremendous experience working in the industry as a business analyst.

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Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies: Coursebook with CD-ROM (third edition)

ISBN: 9781107680258


Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies: Teacher's Resource CD-ROM

ISBN: 9781107425354

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