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Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies

Written to cover the Cambridge IGCSE 2012 syllabus, these resources offer valuable, practical support for students.

Written to cover the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus, Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies offers valuable, practical support for students. Each unit contains stimulus material drawn from various business organisations as illustrations of the practical application of theory.

Presented in full colour, this new edition includes activities designed to develop key skills and subject-based knowledge, encouraging independent thought and student involvement. The Coursebook is accompanied by a Student's CD-ROM, including revision questions and answers, multiple choice questions and answers to selected activities from the Coursebook. A Teacher's Resource CD-ROM is also available with a wealth of additional support material.

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  • Endorsed by University of Cambridge International Examinations.
  • The coursebook is divided into 42 short units to provide convenient and manageable bite-sized areas of learning.
  • Case studies drawn from a variety of business organisations as illustrations of the practical application of Business Studies theory.
  • Each unit contains a series of activities, as well as tips in how to succeed in the examination.
  • Key business terms are highlighted in bold and are listed with definitions at the end of each unit, similar to those found on papers one and two.
  • At the end of each unit there is a summary of the main points covered and a revision mind map.
  • The accompanying Student's CD-ROM includes revision practice questions and answers for each unit, along with model answers for the exemplar exam questions.
  • Teacher's Resource CD-ROM containing answers to all of the Coursebook activities and in-depth case studies with exam-style questions and sample answers.

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Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies: Coursebook with CD-ROM

ISBN: 9780521122108


Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies: Teacher's Resource CD-ROM

ISBN: 9780521122122


Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies: Revision Guide

ISBN: 9781107661622

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