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IB Diploma Teacher Resources

IB Diploma Teacher Resources

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  • Encourage learners to explore concepts, ideas and topics with local and global significance.
  • Help students develop a positive attitude to learning in preparation for higher education.
  • Assist students to approach complete questions, apply critical-thinking skills and form reasoned answers.
  • Receive assistance in lesson planning with chapter notes.
  • Guidance for assessment and teaching.
  • Free downloadable worksheets. provides free resources to all users of the Cambridge courses for the IB Diploma to support teaching and learning.

The website is designed to make it quick and easy for you to find all the resources that are associated with any title from the Cambridge course for the IB Diploma.

The site contains appropriate supporting resources for each subject; a wide range of downloadable file types; editable worksheets and case studies; groups all resources by type within each subject; provides guidance on how to use resources in your teaching.

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